We offer a large range of business and management consultancy services to our clients, such as:

♦ Management Consulting and Business Solutions:
  • Company formation services in various jurisdictions; providing required legal support and advisory; preparing all the respective technical and business documentation and related advisory support; trademarks registration; assist with and facilitation of obtaining necessary permits;
  • Preparing the business plans and feasibility reports;
  • Performing due diligence, prepare the relevant extensive reports and analysis of the existing and future risks;
  • Performing Risk assessment and management, strategic planning, providing management consulting and business support solutions, and related advisory, administrative, and logistical support.
♦ Engineering Consulting Services:
  • Performing various technical services, maintenance oversight to check for and confirm compliance with industry and manufacturer requirements, inspection support, logistics support, inspection of aircraft and vessels,  and their components of said aircraft, and other related technical, administrative and advisory or consultative functions.
♦ Marketing and Promoting Services:
  • Conducting marketing research, identifying potential partners, clients, and opportunities for our clients, developing and implementing promotional strategies, consulting clients on marketing issues, and performing other related logistical and administrative tasks.